Power Knee Brace

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1Painful knees and joints causing your steps to feel heavy and burdensome? These PowerLifts Joint Support Knee Pads are here for you! Bring back the lightness to your steps!

2. Strong Lifting Power! This pair of knee pads is a breakthrough product that’s made to let you perform daily tasks more efficiently and comfortably.

3. Each pad can withstand a weight of up to 40 lbs. It can lighten about 80 lbs from your own weight! Making you feel light, allowing you to lift each knee easily as you go along with your activities.

4. Powerful Rebounds Spring Force-It works to support your thighs and calves, effectively reducing the pressure on your knees. Breathable Mesh, Non-slip Fabric- It’s comfortable… whether worn directly wrapped around your bare knees or over your pants.