Make Money Easy Timeless Sales Strategies

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The Best Products Dont SELL Themselves! 'In The 21st Century, Times Have Changed And It Isnt Easy To Anticipate The Demands Of Your Clients Or Customers. We Know Because We Went Down That Road Before And We Can Testify That It Isnt Easy Whether You Are Online Or Offline.' Gone Are The Days Of Pounding The Pavement Or Pounding The Phone Hoping To Get Sales From Random Strangers. Tuesday, December 1, 2009 From The Desk Of David Railey Dear Entreprenuer, Just because you have the best product in the world doesnt guarantee that you will be rich. Maybe you have heard of this term: build a better mousetrap, and the world will build a path to your doorstep. We believe it rings true, because several decades ago, there really werent many products around. Yes it is true that there are inventions like the light bulb or the discovery of electricity, but there really werent much competition for the Nobel Prize (if you get what we mean). Technology hasnt reached the stage where innovation and ingenuity is conceptualized at todays speed. When the term was coined, there werent many better mousetraps around. Today in the 21st century, better mousetraps are built on a daily basis. Just because you have a better product, doesnt mean that the product will automatically sell itself and make you rich! In the past, people werent swamped with tons of advertising. Anything new or better was easily noticed by the masses because there wasnt much competition. Today, if you have a better vacuum cleaner, insurance plan or even a car that can fly, you are fighting an uphill battle against the masses of advertising campaign and customer skepticism that it will take more than a few satisfied customers to make you rich. You will need to get the word out to the people. You cant just sit still you need to focus on constant education. You need to convey the benefits of your new product in such a way that people will want to buy YOUR brand over the other 24,197 competitors out there. The most important of all, you must learn to stand out! Show them that you are different, better and extraordinary. You must have a unique selling point and you must tell the masses all about it. Do whatever it takes to shock your audience and give them something to remember. There are many ways to make money today but any industry that is profitable will attract many other competitors into the market. INTRODUCING 'TIMELESS SALES STRATEGIES' Welcome to Timeless Sales Strategies In this book, you will learn all about ideas that sales superstars use to become who they are today and how you can become like them too. In the 21st century, times have changed and it isnt easy to anticipate the demands of your clients or customers. We know because we went down that road before and we can testify that it isnt easy whether you are online or offline. Gone are the days of pounding the pavement or pounding the phone hoping to get sales from random strangers. Just take a look at history. Ancient civilizations were all conquered by foreign nations with superior weaponry like guns, grenades and cannons. Your swords and shields wont win you the battle no matter how motivated or hyped up you are. It is the same when it comes to sales. In the sales line today, you just cant approach your 21st century customers with obsolete tactics from the 80s. In a few moments, you will understand what we mean. So sit back and enjoy. Let the theories open your mind and pave the way for your sales success.