Make Free Money How to Beat the Slots

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It's every slot player's dream to walk into a casino, rush over to the first slot machine they see, insert a coin or token ... and hit 'the big one.' Let's face it: we are captivated, intrigued, and even held spellbound by the 'one-armed bandits.' Those colorful, spinning reels; the sounds of bells and whistles: those almost blinding, flashing lights; the unmistakable sound of coins or tokens hitting the tray all serve to capture your undivided attention and motivate you to play the slots....and it works!! These fiendish iron monsters have an unending appetite for money....YOUR MONEY! All that aside, the age old question remains: 'Do I have any chance at all of beating these confounded slot machines? ...And, if so...HOW?' Good questions. The fact one can GUARANTEE that you will EVER end up a winner by feeding your hard-earned money into slot machines. You may, however, be able to dramatically increase your chances of winning consistently. Tags: ***