JATCO JF506E Transmission Rebuild Manual

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JATCO JF506E Transmission or JF506E-DL_DL The JATCO 5 speed automatic transmission is known as the JF506E in the Jaguar X Type and Land Rover Freelander.

In the Mazda 6 and MPV, it is known as the JA5A-EL and with VWâ??s Golf, GTI, and Jetta it is the 09A. Overseas it is known as the 5F1J or the Durashift -5-Tronic transmission used in the Mondeo vehicle starting in 2002.5 model year.

This rebuild manual contains the procedures necessary to diagnose, overhaul and/or repair the Mazda JF506E transaxle, and is intended for automotive technicians that are familiar with the operation of automatic transmissions. 09 09A (JF506E) 09D (TR-60SN) 09E (ZF6HP26) 09G 09G (TF-60SN) 09K (TF-60SN) 09L (TR-60SN) 09L (ZF6HP19) 09M (TF-60SN)