Husqvarna Chainsaw Workshop Manual Model 357XP/359

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Introduction Arrangement of the Manual This workshop manual can be used in two different ways. To repair a specific sub-assembly on a chainsaw. To dismantle and reassemble a complete chainsaw. Repairing a Specific Sub-Assembly If a specific sub-assembly on the chainsaw needs to be repaired: 1. Look up the page referring to the relevant sub-assembly. 2. Follow the instructions under the headings: Removal/Dismantling Cleaning and Inspection Refitting/Reassembly Dismantling and Reassembling the Entire Chainsaw If the entire chainsaw is to be dismantled, follow the instructions under the heading Removal/Dismantling. Work through the manual and follow instructions given in each section under the heading Removal/Dismantling. Then follow all the Cleaning and Inspection instructions in each section. Working from the back of the manual, follow all the instructions under the headings Refitting/Reassembly in reverse order. Each of the sections covering removing/dismantling and refitting/reassembly include the relevant lubrication instructions and bolt torques for each stage of repair. Construction and Function This chapter gives a simple description of the chainsaw carburettor and its various parts. Troubleshooting These pages describe the most common faults that affect a chainsaw. They are divided into four different groups with the most likely faults described first. Repair Instructions The section that describes how to repair the chainsaws consists of detailed, step-by-step instructions. It explains in detail the special tools, lubricants and bolt torques that are needed when working on each component. This workshop manual covers the following chainsaw models: 357XP/G 359/G