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This booklet contains general description and overhaul procedures necessary to repair, overhaul or service the new Ford Motor Co 5R55N transmission. The Ford 5R55N transmission was first introduced in the 2000 model year, and is currently found in the Lincoln "LS" and Jaguar X200. We wish to thank Ford Motor Company for the information and illustrations that have made this booklet possible. The 5R55N transmission has 5 forward speeds, reverse and is fully electronic controlled. Internally, it looks similar to the previous 5R55E unit, but very few minor components are actually the same. Following are the internal components used in the new 5R55N transmission. 3 Planetary Compound Gear Sets: Overdrive, Forward and Rear. 3 Brake Bands: Overdrive, Intermediate and Low/Reverse. 4 Multi-Plate Clutch Packs: Coast, Forward, Direct and Intermediate. 3 One-Way Clutches: Overdrive, Intermediate and Low. Electronic Controlled Shifts, Torque Converter Clutch and Pressure.